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Earthquake Chocolate Cookie

Thứ Ba, 16/03/2021

Weight                                       25 gr/pc
Quantity    30 pc

I. Ingredients

Sugar                                             190 gr
Egg    2 no
Dark Chocolate 65%                           225 gr
Butter   60 gr
Cake Flour   95 gr
Baking Soda     5 gr
Salt     1 gr
Vanilla flavor     1 gr
Chocolate Powder   12 gr
Dark Chocolate Chips   85 gr


II. Method:

Beat eggs and sugar together till fluffy and smooth

Melt chocolate and butter, mix into the above mixture

Add in dried powder ingredients and mix well, finally add in chocolate chip

Scoop out the soft dough and divide into balls onto baking trays/paper

III. Baking

Using Home Oven : Bake at 150°C for about 15 minutes

Using Air Fryer : Bake at 140°C for about 15 minutes

(*) The baking temperature and time is for reference only and can be
varied depending on the type of oven / air fryer