Orange Lemon Mousse Layer Cake


I. Cake Base

1. Ingredients

Tegral Satin Moist Orange & Chia Seeds       250 gr
Egg    2 no
Cooking Oil or Butter  90 gr
Water  50 gr


2. Method :

Mix all ingredients using whisk till smooth and homogenous texture

Pour the batter into square baking mould, about 1/3 full

3. Baking :

Using Air Fryer : Bake at 140°C for about 30 minutes

(*) The baking temperature and time is for reference only and can be varied depending on the type of air fryer

II. Mousse Filling

1. Ingredients

Lemon Juice                                             20 gr
Sugar  10 gr
White Chocolate  50 gr
Whipping Cream ( 1 )     50 gr
Gelatine sheet    4 gr
Whipping Cream  ( 2 )  75 gr
Light Rum     3 gr


2. Filling preparation: 

Boil the lemon juice with sugar

Cook whipping cream (1) to 85°C, add into chocolate to make a ganache

Add in lemon juice and gelatine sheet (soaked) and mix together

Whip the cream (2) till smooth and mix with the above mixture

Finally add in light rum

III. Assemble & Decoration

White Confectioner's Coating                         100 gr


Slide the cake into layers of 2cm thickness

Arrange layers of cakes and mousse alternatively

Keep the cake in freezer for 2 hours, then take out and cut into triangles

Use White coating to make rectangular pieces and décor as illustrated

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